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Saguaro Bloom Fun Fact
Saguaro flowers bloom typically at dusk and remain open till about mid-morning the next day, said John Wiens, a horticulturist for the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. By the afternoon the flower will start to wilt, and that's it for that bloom. A single saguaro can produce as many as 100 flowers in a season!
Welcome to the Saguaro Bloom Neighborhood!
We are happy you chose to live steps away from the breathtaking Tucson Mountains; saguaro-studded cliffs and stunning sunsets abound at this hidden gem of a community. Saguaro Bloom is the perfect home for residents to play, be active, and enjoy the outdoors.
Welcome to the community! If you have lived in a community association before, you know that associations typically have a set of guidelines that govern the community. If not, we're here to answer any questions you might have about how our community works and also to help you feel at home in your new home. For more information about living in a community association, visit the Association 101 page.
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